• Client Max Silver
  • Type Mobile Application
  • Platform App Store and Play Store
  • Technologies React Native

The only mobile all-in Texas Holdem calculator that allows you to make the perfect decision every time. SnapShove was founded by Max Silver, and created with a team of poker experts. Max is a top ranked poker player with $3 million in cashes

Project Overview

Max goal was to create a poker calculator based on the research he did. His requirement was to develop a mobile application for both store with in-app purchases for premium features.

Project Development

We started development of the application with Adobe AIR. After early success we decided to use React Native for the development and we recently released our brand new version with it. Switching from Adobe AIR to RN wasn’t easy but thanks to the community which have thousands of open source library.

Problems and Solution

One of the issue we had was having a secure database bundled with the application, so the application can work offline. SQLite works out of the box in Adobe AIR for both platform but for ReactNative it wasn’t easy. We have used sqlite repo from andpor which works fine on iOS but didn’t support sqlcipher on Android. After playing with many library we settled with this repo.

Updates: After updating to RN .60.1 and gradle above lib doesn’t work on android so we forked andpor lib and adjust it with code from drygenets branch and all is good. We have published it here.